Sandwiches at his best, this is where to find great quality, fresh ingredient on the spot prepared and cooked panini Italian style. Good for snack, light meals and “on the go” food that you can have it now or later. But enough talking, let the picture do the convincing!

Angelo’s Pasta is the perfect solution if u dont feel like¬†uptight yourself in a restaurant but instead u wanna have authentic pasta from one of those small but unbelievable Italian small shop. Almost like walking in mamas kitchen, at Angelo’s Pasta u can find in store homemade pasta and sauces. From the classic to the fusion flavor for a quick and tasty pasta. Too much talking again… check the picture and stop being hungry!

Lord of salads is the perfect compromise if u in the mood for a light meal, snack or side treat to your day. As a salad must be, freshly made and daily purchased ingredient is ordinary at Lord of Salads. Who said that salad is only salad? Here we mix Italian product with local vegetable to keep the flavor up but the belly down!