"Italian sausage Untouchable Sandwich"

"Vegan Beyond Meat and Guacamole Panino"


"A Sandwich is worth a 1000 words!"



Started out from the famous Panini Mafia food truck, the panini enterprise later moved to the 4 walls establishment. The formula of panini “on the go” is well known to the Bangkok food lovers and little by little Panini got the prestige it deserve thru taste, freshness and consistency. Reviews and comment they speaks for themselves!!!

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2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago

Special Delivery Fee from Thong Lo 13 🔔🔔🔔
🛵< 6km 20 THB
🛵ุ 6km - 12km 50 THB
🛵ุ > 12km Order via Lineman

Order Now: http://bit.ly/paninimafia

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Grazie Delivery

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Thank you K. ... See more

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